This guy… (Pt.1)

It was a normal day in my science class until the teacher decided to change our seating plan, I was put beside this guy, let’s call him Romeo, (this name just explains what this will be about) he was one of the funny, popular, attractive, smart and dirty minded people. So the problem was when you fell in love with him, you couldn’t take your mind away from him. so in every class, we had these weird funny and dirty conversations, I loved it, and I’m pretty sure he did as well!! So about 5 months later the teacher planned to change our seating plan again! I was so pissed but I tried not to show it. Romeo was put beside one of my best friends, Nadia. He accidentally put his arm around her and she thought that he was trying to make a move, so instantly she was like “EWW!! Take your arm off of me!!”, he ignored the fact that it was an accident and started calling her his “girlfriend” because he knew that she didn’t like that. Of course, she came to me after the lesson and told me what was happening, I started to feel jealous for some reason, and hat’s when I noticed that I had feelings for him…

Well, that’s one reason I haven’t been on here for a wee while, sorry about that, lol. This is not a lie AT ALL!!! It genuinely is the main reason that I haven’t posted much. Not counting the fact that after the Easter Holidays I had to start revision for my summer exams early because I was going on holidays to Tenerife just before the exams sooo…  you know, life.

This might be continuous series on this because the part I am at right now with Romeo is like, umm I can’t spill the beans so you’ll have to wait, lol soz. My summer holidays started today (well for me because I couldn’t be arsed to go in today so yeah lol) and in 12 days I’m going to for a month holiday to Poland and then at the startish od August i will be traveling back from Poland, across Europe and back here to the UK, yay (being sarcastic lol, because I just want to stay in Poland FOREVER!!!!!) !!!

So be patient because “This guy… (pt.2)” might be coming soon!! (OMW that rhymed lol!!)

Baaaaaiiiiiiii!!! Xox  ❤ ❤ ❤


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